The Executive consists of volunteer members who fill the positions of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Committee, Sports Captain and Communications.

The league officially starts on the first Tuesday of July for a total of 8 games.

Every year the club hosts the Falcon Lake Golf Course Ladies Club Championship.  In order to play in the club championship tournament (and any other MGA member sanctioned tournament) you must be a member of the Falcon Lake Golf Ladies League, have a current RCGA  membership and an established handicap.

2022 Club Champions

2021 Club Champions

Sports Captain Dawna Wallace presenting the trophy to the 2020 winners.
Sports Captain Tracy Evans presenting the trophy to Hildy Dyck 2019 club champion.


Club Champ2016

1st Flight – Low Gross:  Brenda Cleverley —  Net: Hildy Dyck

2nd Flight – Low Gross: Evelyn Proceviat — Net: Tracy Evans

3rd Flight:- Gross – Linda Stewart — Net: Darlene Mulligan


Club Champ2015

1st Flight:  Gross – Lee Rock (Club Champion) 83  — Net – Hildy Dyck

2nd Flight: Gross – Lynda Riddoch 94 – Net – Ev Proceviat

3rd Flight:- Gross – Linda Stewart 104 – Net – Louise Mollot