Next Game Fairway Drives!

No pressure, just drive and land your ball on the fairway and you score a point.  For par 3’s it must be on the green to qualify.  The best part?  You don’t have to worry about letting down your team if you pound it into the bush. This is an individual contest.  Simply put a check mark on your score card when your drive lands on the fairway, or for par 3’s, it must be on the green.


Don’t forget to sign up for next weeks game by Sunday Noon.  Find your name and indicate YES or NO if you intend to play.  If you are having trouble accessing the sign up sheets CLICK HERE and you’ll be directed to the correct google spreadsheet.

See you on Tuesday.

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Any Takers?

Womens Interclub A&B

Golf Manitoba is hosting the Interclub Championships at the end of the month and are wondering if the Falcon Lake Ladies would like to enter any teams? The categories are as follows:

Interclub Womens A

August 27 at Carman

9am tee times

Handicap Factor is between 0.00-24.0

Open to juniors and up


Interclub Womens B

August 27 at Carman

9am tee times

Handicap Factor is between 24.1+

Open to juniors and up


All members in a team must have a Golf Canada membership and have games entered onto their profile so that a Handicap is established. You are more than welcome to have more than one team in a category. Cost per team is $320.00 (teams of 4)


Amy Coggan

Director of Administration

Golf Manitoba

P: 204.925.5730 |

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August 11 Tee Times


For those of you who are not in the competition enjoy your round on what’s promising to be a beautiful day!

For those of you who have a RCGA membership and an established handicap listed on the Golf Canada web site you are automatically participating in the competition unless you have indicated otherwise.  At the start of the game each competitor will be given their own scorecard and they swap cards with another player…you keep the other players score and also your own (on the bottom row) in case there’s an error. At the end of the game sign the scorecard, and the player you partnered with signs it as well to verify the accuracy of your score. Hand in the score card to Dawna Wallace at the end of the game.

Here’s the line up for Tuesday August 11th.  If you can not make it please call the pro shop to let them know.

Good luck everyone!

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8:15 Moira Farrer Lynne Olynick Brenda Cleverley
8:22 Hildy Dyck (R) Christine Ross Dawna Wallace (R-9)
8:30 Margaret Pilchar Brenda Burch Stella Kennedy (R) Darlene Chimilar
8:37 Susan Stanley (R) Ev Proceviat (R) Darlene Paterson Janet Potter
8:45 Sandy Handkamer Kathleen Tait Darlene Mulligan
9:00 Heidi Dagg Mickie Hearn (R) Joanne Hodgkinson Lindsey Campbell
9:07 Karen Paterson (R) Andrea Brown Christine Gannon (R) Sharon Vander Graff
9:15 Doris Ross (R) Cathie Maric (R) Ruth Dyker Rachelle Bardwell
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August 11 Game

Important.  If you have not done so already please go to the sign-up sheets, find your name and indicate if you are playing or not on August 11, 2020 by noon this Sunday.

Club Championship Day!

For those who have a RCGA membership you will automatically be entered into the club championship on Tuesday August 11.  For all other players it will be a social game.

For those in the competition there are no 3ft. gimmies!  Actually, no gimmies at all. You must putt out on every hole.

Also there’s been some questions regarding the rules on lost balls.  Here are a few links that explain those rules as well as few other clarifications on scoring.

Understanding the rules for lost balls

15 main rules of golf for beginners


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Sign-Up Sheets

Hello there.   Our sign-up sheets were modified by a gremlin, subsequently all of our names were mixed up and for some completely eliminated.   So we’ve reconfigured the sheets.  We’ve entered everyone’s name on the sign-up sheets for our next game on August 11, 2020.

We’ve locked the names so the gremlin can not remove them.  We’ve added a column next to the names that can be modified to indicate if you are playing or not—also as usual— there is a place to indicate if you are riding or walking and if you prefer to start early or later.

The Birdie and Chips In’s, Ringer Board Sheets are now functional as well.

Please go to the sign-up sheets, find your name and indicate if you are playing or not on August 11, 2020.

Sorry for the inconvenience but until we have a chance re-examine how to minimize the disruption this gremlin is causing us this was the best solution for the short term.

If you have any questions or need help with this please contact me, Darlene Mulligan at

Thank you.

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