Pretty In Pink!

First game is Pink Ball!

Here’s how it goes…

Each team is given a pink ball.  Each team member takes a turn using that pink ball.  The score you receive on the hole with that pink ball goes on a separate “team scorecard”.  The lowest score wins! If you loose that pink ball then sorry, your team is out of luck.

There’s a catch.  Every team member must be wearing pink or a point will added at the end of the game to your overall team score.

TAKE PICTURES! Everyone has a cell phone with a camera on it – take a picture of your team in pink to share at the end of the season wind-up.  Send pictures and names to labelled “pink”.



The cost of the lunch will be $17.00 each, includes all taxes and a gratuities.  Beverages are extra.



Don’t forget to post your Birdie,  Chip In’s and your hole-by-hole scores on the Ringer Board located on the tabs on the bottom of the sign-up sheets for chance to win a prize at the wind-up . There is also a tab on the bottom of the sign-up sheets where Dawna, our Sports Captain wants us to record our handicaps to help her organize the weekly teams.  That would be:

Handicap 31 +

Handicap 16 – 30

Handicap  1 – 15


Don’t forget to wear a Covid Mask for our group photo at the AGM – the more creative the better!


July 7th Teams will be posted on the website Monday morning.

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Tee Times!

Our first game of the season is rapidly approaching!

So that means our “sign up” sheets are now on our website for booking tee times.   In addition to adding your name for a tee time also indicate if you are walking or riding, if you like teeing off early or late, and for the first game let us know if you are intending on staying for the AGM luncheon. All tee time requests must be in to the sports captain by NOON Sunday.  Tee Times will then be posted on our website by Monday 4:00pm.

Aprés Golf

We’re having this year’s AGM and luncheon in the Falcon Lake Golf Club’s Restaurant after our first game on July 7th.  Member Darlene Paterson has generously donated Chicken Kiev and dessert for everyone! Yay Darlene!  However there will be a charge for the fixings to complete our meals which is to be paid to our social committee at the lunch. Cost? As soon as the club gives us the numbers we’ll let you know.

Please sign up for the lunch ASAP (on the tee time sheets) so we know how many lunches to prepare.


For those of you who have not golfed at Falcon yet there are some new policies and procedures to follow on the course.  For the most part it’s all common sense. On the bright side there are a few procedures that make the game a little easier like having this nifty little device attached to the flag for hands free removal of your golf ball.  Also, not mandatory but recommend— all putts inside 3ft are gimmies!

Face masks

Given the circumstances these days with COVID19  wouldn’t it be great to take a group photo of our members modelling their finest COVID19 mask?  Be creative or practical,  just bring one, or something to cover your mouth and nose to remind us of these strange days we’re living in.

A big shout out to Falcon Lake Golf Course’s Dave Turner who won 2019 Superintendent of the Year Award? Congratulations Dave! Thanks for keeping our course in such great shape!

Let’s all help Dave out.  Fix divots on the putting greens and fairways, even if you didn’t make them!

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2020 Membership Dues

2020 membership dues…well they’re due.

What a beautiful day! 10th hole.

This year we’re collecting our membership fees for the 2020 season through e-transfers or by mailing a cheque to Christine Ross.  Fees are $35.00 plus an optional $40.00 for those who want the RCGA membership through our league.  Please send the e-transfer to with the subject line 2020 Falcon Membership; use the security question “name of lake” with the answer “Falcon” with a capital F. Cheques can be mailed to Christine Ross 1515-One Lombard Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0X3.

Please help us with our 2020 planning by sending in your membership dues as soon as possible!

We had 10 members sign up for the first pre-season game.  Do you think we might be going a little stir crazy?  The course was in great condition.  Only a few changes to the game this year like, if you are riding , singles only for carts, and for putting, the new “club length” rule  is a real bonus for ensuring those scores keep low!

A The club house is now open for inside and outside dining. A few of our members “social distancing” on the patio after our game on June 2. What a beautiful day it was!


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2020 Season is here!

Greetings Falcon Ladies League Members!

With the Falcon Lake Golf Course now officially open Dawna Wallace our Sports Captain has been in touch with the pro shop to begin arranging our league tee times for the season. We still don’t know how the times are going to space out during our regular season starting in July but in the meantime Dawna managed to book a series of times for those of us who would like to golf a few rounds together in June. This is not part of our regular league play—all members are welcome. Starting on June 2 we have two tee times booked for 4, one for noon and one for 12:07.  Every Tuesday in June after that we have two times set aside for our members—one at 10:00am and another at 10:07.  Please book directly with the pro shop.

Remember we are still following Manitoba’s social distancing guidelines so for those of you who tend drive your ball to the right of the fairway please pair up with someone who tends to hit to the left of the course.  (You know we’re kidding right?)

This year our membership fees for the 2020 season will be collected by our Secretary Christine Ross via e-transfer or by cheque.  Fees are $35.00 plus an optional $40.00 for those who want the RCGA membership through our league.  Please send e-transfer to with the subject line 2020 Falcon Membership.  Cheques can be mailed to Christine Ross 1515-One Lombard Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0X3.

We will continually update everyone as things progress.  In the meantime if you have any concerns or questions don’t hesitate to contact us at





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No news is good news.   

First off, here’s hoping that all of our members and their families are safe and healthy during these trying times.

As May approaches I’m sure all of us are looking longingly towards feeling the summer breezes on our faces and our golf clubs in our hands! 

Obviously, with the world in lock-down with COVID-19, everything is up in the air as to when we can actually feel that on any golf course.  The Falcon Lake Golf Course is no exception.  Under the direction of the Federal and Provincial Health Authorities regarding the guidelines for opening golf courses, as of right now, the Falcon Lake Golf Course remains closed. 

In that regard, for those of you who were looking forward to participating in the Ladies Classic in June, sorry, the tournament has been cancelled.  As to the opening date and our annual general meeting scheduled for July, it is a wait and see situation.  So, no news is good news as we anticipate that with time and some new guidelines, the course will be operating by July and we will all be able to get together for another great season. 

We will keep you posted as we get more information. In the meantime if you want updates directly from the course go to their web site at


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