Awww. It’s over already?

It seems just like yesterday we were full of anxiety regarding how COVID19 was going to impact our 2020 golf season. It started with the Ladies Classic in June being cancelled due to the uncertainty surrounding the safety of being in groups, but lucky for us the Falcon Lake Golf Club got it together in time for the start of our official season. The club was quick to install hand sanitizers everywhere and implemented practical social distancing rules on the course that were more than easy to comply with. Admittedly it seemed awkward at first using individual carts for those who like to ride and sitting soooo far apart after the game for a bevy but never the less, in the end, it turned out to be a great year.

Some changes were great. Who didn’t like those nifty levers on the bottom of the flag-sticks to pop the ball out of the hole! And what about the weather? Can you believe it, not one game rained out. With the way the world feels these days what a welcome relief to be able to walk in the sunshine on the pristine Falcon Lake Golf Course with our best summer friends!

2020 Club Champions!

Once again the almost unbeatable Brenda Cleverly took home the trophy this year as our lowest gross golfer at 83 and on her birthday! Net score winner in Flight A was Stella Kennedy at 76 who also got a hole in one that day. Great game girls!!!

Our Flight B winner for handicaps between 19 and 30 was Janet Potter with a gross of 104. Darlene Chimilar tied with Janet with a 104 but lost the trophy to Janet on a count back. Bad luck for Darlene Chimlar but she did come out as the net winner at 82.2. Finally in Flight C for handicaps 31+ the low gross winner was Darlene Mulligan with a score of 107. Sandy Handkamer and Katherine Tait tied with their net scores of 82.9.

It’s a birdie! This beautifully framed picture (wink, wink) has the honour of hanging in Moira Farrer’s cabin for the second year in a row for achieving the most Birdies this year, SIX. Lynne Olynick came out on top for most Chip-Ins at 2 and Andrea Brown was our most improved player on the Ringer Board. Congratulations Girls!

Here’s a round of applause for our sports captain Dawna Wallace for organizing our teams and the mini-tournaments throughout the season despite the difficulties with our sign-up sheets. At times it must of been very frustrating for her as well as some of our members who had trouble signing in a few times. No worries, we have a long winter to think about how we can fix that for next year. For now the link to tee times has been disabled.

Another Great Wind-up Party!

If you weren’t there you missed Margaret Pilcher and Darlene Paterson rising to the occasion once again with an excellent lunch that included wine, an appetizer and delicious ribs with two salads for only 15 bucks. Hildy Dyck generously hosted the lunch and wind-up meeting up at her cabin which was very much appreciated by everyone. We all agreed that Hildy’s beautiful cabin provided a more intimate setting where we could socialize (meaning hear each other talk), share laughs and our memories of the 2020 golf season.

As this is likely to be the last post until next spring it would be prudent to mention that Jackie McIvor’s bench was finally placed beside the woman’s tee on the 5th hole. It’ll be a great reminder for years to come of how much she was loved by all of her team mates. Let’s plan to plant some flowers in those empty flower boxes next year. Thank you to every one who contributed to purchasing the bench, as well as thank you to Al Scott from the Falcon Lake Golf Course who coordinated the purchase and placement on our behalf.

Sad news. Past President Colleen Horbay has passed away. “Colleen was a most colourful member of our group who kept everyone laughing and entertained. Even though they had sold their cabin a few years ago, she did come to a few luncheons afterwards. It was always fun chatting with Colleen. She had lots of fun stories.” remembers Janet Potter.

A blast from the past.

Guess who’s birthday this is? Clue, she’s still a member and no, it’s not Tracy Evans posing in her cute little red dress.

Sadly it’s time to say good-bye to another fantastic season. May all of our members and their families stay healthy over the next several months. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the course next year!  Good-bye.

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August 25 Tee Times

Ladies League Fun Day!

Reminder that the wind-up party is at Hildy Dyck’s cabin on West Hawk Lake immediately following the game.  High Rock, Lot 5.  Turn right toward West Hawk main beach.  Continue past the main beach and look for the 3rd road (High Rock) on the left.  Cabin will be on the right side of the road.

Don’t forget to bring $15.00 cash for lunch. Wine is included.

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8:22 Margaret Pilchar Darlene Patterson (R) Hildy Dyck Dawna Wallace
8:30 Lynne Olynick Darlene Chimilar Kathleen Tait (R) Doneta Brotchie (R)
8:37 Doris Ross (R) Susan Stanley (R) Stella Kennedy Sharron Vander Graff
8:45 Sandy Handkamer Darlene Mulligan Lindsey Campbell Andrea Brown
9:00 Karen Paterson (R) Cathie Maric (R) Moira Farrer Joanne Hodgkinson
9:07 Christine Gannon (R) Ruth Dyker Ev Proceviat (R) Mickey Hearn (R)
9:15 Christine Ross Brenda Cleverley Rachelle Bardwell Janet Potter
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Last Game! August 25.

Last Game of the 2020 season.

It seems just like yesterday that we were teeing off on our first game of the season now here we are already on the last.  Where has the time gone? It’s been a great year weather wise, not one game cancelled due to weather.  It’s been a challenging year due to COVID19 but with patience we’ve managed to make the best of it haven’t we?

Tuesday’s game is a fun day no big nail biting competition, just a few fun tournament games.  If you have not signed up yet please do so asap.  Also please indicate if you are intending on being at the lunch so we know how many to expect.

Hildy Dyck has graciously offered up her cottage for our closing luncheon this year.  Her cabin is located in West Hawk Lake.  High Rock, Lot 5.  It’s easy to find.  Turn right toward the main West Hawk beach.  Continue past the main beach and look for the 3rd road (High Rock) on the left.  A little windy, a little step but very easy to find, the cabin will be on the right side of the road.

Wine is included with the $15.00 cash for lunch.

Teams will be posted by Monday.  Thanks!

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We need numbers!

Our annual closing luncheon is right after next Tuesdays game (our last game) on August 25th.  Lunch will be $15.00 cash.  This includes wine! Bring your own preferred beverage if you don’t like wine.  The lunch will be at Hildy Dyck’s cabin in West Hawk Lake this year.  We’ll post a map along with the tee times on Monday so no one gets lost.

Please go the the sign-up sheets and indicate if you will be at the lunch or not so Darlene P and Margaret (our Social Committee) know how much food to prepare.

While you are on the sign-up sheets why not indicate if you are intending to golf or not on Tuesday along with riding or walking, early or late.  If for some reason you can not access the sign-up sheet email us at and we’ll make sure you are on the list.

Thank you.

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Tee Times August 18

Your line-up for next Tuesday’s game.  We are experiencing problems with our sign-up sheets.  REMINDER – – –  you must sign up each and every week, you can not put your name down for games ahead of time as the names were erased a few weeks ago!  If your name is not on the tee time sheet today and you want to golf please call the pro shop at 204-349-2554 to add your name and a tee time.

8:22 Tracy Evans Sharon Vander Graff Hildy Dyck
8:30 Darlene Mulligan Christine Ross Darlene Chimilar
8:37 Dawna Wallace Lisa Wicks Stella Kennedy Moira Farrer
8:45 Heidi Dagg Lynne Olynick Susan Stanley Christine Gannon
9:00 Margaret Pilchar Rachelle Bardwell Sandy Handkamer
9:07 Jo-Anne Hodgkinson Karen Paterson Lindsay Campbell
915 Brenda Cleverly Ruth Dyker Kathleen Tait
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