August 31, 2021

Tee TimePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
8:15Darlene ChimilarMargaret PilcharHildy Dyck (R)Liz Kunyckyj (R)
8:22Maggie DuncanChris PartridgeStella KennedyDawna Wallace (R)
8:30Lynne OlynickAndrea BrownJoanne Hodgkinson (R)Darlene Paterson (R)
8:37Brenda CleverlyChristine RossCathie Maric (R)Karen Paterson (R)
8:45Doris Ross (R)Heidi Dagg (R)Darlene MulliganRachelle Bardwell
8:52Brenda Friesen (R)Evelyn Proceviat (R)April Von PlatenTracy Evans
9:00Lindsey CampbellJanet Potter Sandy Handkamer 
9:07Brenda Burch (R)Christine Gannon (R)Ruth Dyker

In the event that the golf course closes due to adverse weather conditions on Tuesday we will send out a notification to all the members through email indicating that the Championship game will be postposed to the next week. If the weather seems dicey please check your email or here on the web site before heading out. Thank you.

How to sign up for a tee time.

Each week a google form will be emailed to all members after the last weekly game.  The forms must be filled out by NOON Sunday before the Tuesday game.  Once you fill out the form and press submit, the information automatically goes to our Sports Captain who arranges the teams.  You can submit the form on your computer, or iPad, or your smart phone.  It’s a multiple choice, very simple to use.  Please do not submit the form more than once.

You should get an email confirming that you are registered. If you need to change your submission go back to the confirmation email where you will see a button on the top that will allow to to modify your submission until Sunday NOON.

Our sports captain reviews all of the submissions on Sunday afternoon then arranges the teams along with the tee times for each of the teams.  She will post the information here no later than Monday 4:00pm.  If you are following our blog you will get a notification in your email with the teams and tee times.

If you’ve registered and discover you can not make it after the cut off time (Sundays NOON) please call the golf club house directly to let them know so your team isn’t waiting for you.