Now here’s a contest that some of us can excel at!

This weeks game is TROUBLE.  This is how it works. For each person on the team, score 1 point for each of the following hazards:

  1. Water
  2. Bunker
  3. A 3 putt—another point for a 4 putt — another point for a 5 putt—another point for…come on, really?
  4. Out of bounds

To even the score…if one of your team mates gets a birdie, everyone gets a big fat zero for that hole.

Here’s the teams for August 20th.   If you can’t make it please call the pro shop.  If you aren’t on the list you can still play, there are three spots open.


Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8.15 Ev Proceviat Lynne Olynick Doris Ross Lindsey Campbell
8.22 Rachelle Bardwell Heather Roberts Karen Paterson Darlene Chimilar
8.30 Darlene Paterson Heidi Dagg Hildy Dyck
8.37 Sandy Handkamer Christine Ross Tracy Evans
8.45 Sharron Vander Graffe Andrea Brown Brenda Cleverly
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August 13th Tee Times


For those who choose to not participate in the competition please keep your scores with maximum of 8 strokes per hole.

Good luck!

Teams for August 13th.  If you can not play please inform the club house as soon as possible.

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8.07 Evelyn Proceviat Heidi Dagg Darlene Chimilar Linda Stewart
8.15 Moira Farrer Lisa Wicks Lynne Olynick Hildy Dyck
8.22 Margaret Pilchar Tracy Evans Stella Kennedy Dawna Wallace
8.30 Darlene Paterson Janet Potter Susan Stanley Sandy Handkamer
8.37 Darlene Mulligan Kathleen Tait Ruth Dyker Sharron Vander Graffe
8.45 Karen Patersonw Cathie Maric Heather Roberts Liz K.
8.52 Lindsey Campbell Andrea Brown Doris Ross Rachelle Bardwell
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August 6 Tee Times

A little mix up on the posted tee times for August 6th.

Here are the correct times and teams for Tuesday August 6th.  If there are any changes please contact the club house directly at 204-349-2554.

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8.07 Ev Doneta Lynne Susan
8.15 Lisa Christine Stella Margaret
8.22 Dar M Gayda Sandy Edie
8.30 Linda S Marsha Lesley Rachelle
8.37 Doris R Heidi Lindsay Hildy
8.45 Andrea Ruth Darlene C.
8.52 Mickey Karen P Moira Guest
9.00 Dar P. Kathleen Heather
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It’s an easy one this week.

No pressure, just drive and land your ball on the fairway and you score a point.  For par 3’s it must be on the green to qualify.  The best part?  You don’t have to worry about letting down your team if you pound it into the bush. This is an individual contest.  Simply put a check mark on your score card when your drive lands on the fairway, or for par 3’s, it must be on the green.

Here is the line-up for Tuesday’s game – August 6th.

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8:07 Ev Doneta Lynne Susan
8:15 Lisa Christine Stella Margaret
8:22 Dar M Gayda Sandy Edie
8:30 Linda S Marsha Lesley Rachelle
8:37 Doris R Heidi Lindsay
8:45 Tracy Andrea Ruth
8:52 Mickey Karen P Moira Guest


Don’t forget about our rules clinic right after the game!


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Rules Clinic

Manitoba Golf will be giving a presentation to our members immediately after our Tuesday game on August 6th in the club house restaurant.  Some of our members have attended this information session and report that the clinic was lively with many visual aids AND was not too intensive.

Rules are not for everyone but wouldn’t it be nice to know?  There are a few new rules this year, it would be good to have some clarification for those times when it really matters.

We encourage everyone to stay that day, it’s free!  For those who want lunch we’ve pre-arranged to be served a half chicken quesadilla and a half tossed salad with the resteraunt’s famous house dressing for only $12.00 (not including taxes and gratuities) to be served during the clinic.

Sign-up for the session on the August 6th tee times sheet.  The sign-up section is on the right.

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