August 24 Tee Times

Fairway Drives!

No pressure, just drive and land your ball on the fairway and you score a point.  For par 3’s it must be on the green to qualify.  The best part?  You don’t have to worry about letting down your team mates if you pound it into the bush. This is an individual contest.  Simply put a check mark on your score card when your drive lands on the fairway, or for par 3’s, it must be on the green.

August 24 Tee Times

Tee TimePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
8:15Doris Ross RKaren Paterson RBrenda CleverlyTracy Evans
8:22Darlene ChimilarRachell BardwellSharron Vander GraafAndrea Brown
8:30Jo-Anne Hodgkinson RHildy Dyck RMaggie DuncanChristine Ross
8:37Darlene Paterson RMickey Hearn RDarlene MulliganSandy Handkamer 
8:45Kristine BoothRuth DykerLisa WicksEvelyn R

About Falcon Ladies League

We are a fun group of gals who get together every Tuesday morning throughout the summer months for a round of golf on the fabulous Falcon Lake Golf Course—one of Manitoba's premier courses. Always looking for new members to join the fun!
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