Are you afraid of the dark?

If your ball refuses to fall into the hole then sorry, you’re not a contender in this weeks mini-tournament contest.


So practise up girls, don’t let your teammates down — the team with the least putts for the round wins this week’s contest on August 4th.


We’ve been having some difficulties with our sign-up sheets.  Argg! Names are going missing, preferred times and whether you are walking or riding seems to be changing randomly (or do we have a gremlin?).  Anyhow, help us out, please check the sign up sheets on Sunday to ensure you are listed correctly before the teams are made.




About Falcon Ladies League

We are a fun group of gals who get together every Tuesday morning throughout the summer months for a round of golf on the fabulous Falcon Lake Golf Course—one of Manitoba's premier courses. Always looking for new members to join the fun!
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