Are you afraid of the dark?

If your ball refuses to fall into the hole then sorry, you’re not a contender in this weeks mini-tournament contest.


So practise up girls, don’t let your teammates down — the team with the least putts for the round wins this week’s contest.

Teams for July 30, 2019

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
8:07 Evelyn Proceviat Heidi Dagg Lindsey Campbell Liz K
8:15 Andrea Brown Christine Ross Linda Evans Hildy Dyck
8:22 Darlene Paterson Rachelle Bardwell Dawna. Wallace Sandy Handkamer
8:30 Margaret Pilchar Kathleen Tait Darlene Chimilar Linda Stewart
8:37 Karen Paterson Cathy Maric Sharon VanderGraffe Ruth Dyker
8:45 Moira Farrer Darlene Mulligan Tracy Evans Brenda Burch
8:52 Brenda Cleverly Doris Ross Lynne Olyniuk

Rules Clinic Coming

Our Sports Captain is currently in the process of arranging a rules clinic to be hosted by Manitoba Golf.  We expect the clinic to be held after our regular Tuesday game on August 6, 2019 and will include a prearranged lunch.   More details will be coming as things we finalize things.

Given that our club championship game is the next Tuesday this clinic will be especially insightful for those in the competition.  For the rest of us, wouldn’t be nice we knew a few rules?

Here’s a few examples from Dawna

  • You have 3 minutes to search for a lost ball
  • There is no penalty for an accidental double hit
  • There is no penalty if ball hits the pole
  • You can move loose impediments as long as you don’t move your ball
  • You have 40 seconds to make a stroke
  • You can’t rest your club in the sand (darn)

About Falcon Ladies League

We are a fun group of gals who get together every Tuesday morning throughout the summer months for a round of golf on the fabulous Falcon Lake Golf Course—one of Manitoba's premier courses. Always looking for new members to join the fun!
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