Tee Times August 21, 2018

Troubles coming…

Now here’s a game that some of us can excel at.

This weeks game is TROUBLE.  This is how it works. For each person on the team, score 1 point for each of the following hazards:

  1. Water
  2. Bunker
  3. 3 putts
  4. Out of bounds

To even the score…if one of your team mates gets a birdie, everyone gets a big fat zero for that hole.

Here’s the line up for August 21, 2018. See you in the club house for a bevy and a bite after the game.  If you have any changes please contact the club house directly at 1-204-349-2554.

8:15 Christine Ross Rachelle Bardwell Margaret Pilchar
Stella Kennedy
8.22 Andrea Brown Lisa Calsbeck Hildy Dyck Liz Kunyckyj
8:30 Susan Stanley Deb Mccreanor Guest Tracy Evans
8.37 Christine Gannon Heidi Dagg Sharon Vander Graffe
Kathleen Tait
8.45 Ruth Dyker Brenda Birch Mickey Hearn
Heather Roberts
9:00 Darlene Paterson Darlene Mulligan Karen Paterson
Sandy Handkamer

About Falcon Ladies League

We are a fun group of gals who get together every Tuesday morning throughout the summer months for a round of golf on the fabulous Falcon Lake Golf Course—one of Manitoba's premier courses. Always looking for new members to join the fun!
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