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Putting Clinic

Things a good instructor should have…

  1. Lots of golf balls
  2. Patience
  3. A sense of humour
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. An encouraging manner
  6. An ability to teach players of all levels
  7. More golf balls.

That’s Jeff ! Golf Pro Falcon Lake Golf Course. Always a pleasure.

The Art of Rolling the Ball

Participants of the putting clinic received a wealth of information during our session.  A recap of some of the key points we learned.

Grip the putter more in the palm of your hand to reduce the amount of movement your hands must make.  Bend over from your waist so that your arms hang straight down.

Keep your alignment parallel to the target line. Use the line on the golf ball to help align your putts.

Read the break.  See the line. Stare at the line of your putt longer than you look at the golf ball.

The right speed means hitting a putt so the ball that misses the cup finishes 14 to 18 inches past the hole.

It takes practise!


About Falcon Ladies League

We are a fun group of gals who get together every Tuesday morning throughout the summer months for a round of golf on the fabulous Falcon Lake Golf Course—one of Manitoba's premier courses. Always looking for new members to join the fun!
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