2018 Newsletter

Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Association

Contact:Evelyn Proceviat     proceviat@lakelandgolfmanagement.com

Address:  Box 97; Falcon Lake, Manitoba; ROE ONO   Phone:204-349-2554

Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Association Website:https://falconladiesleague.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/falconlakemanitoba/


The Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Association Spring Newsletter ________________________________________________________________________

April 29, 2018


Newsletter highlights:

  • New golf course updates. See page 2 (President’s Message).
  • LadiesSpring Charity Golf Tournament. See page 3(President’s Message) and page 11 – 15 (Special Events).
  • The ladies’ league’s weekly updates and revisions. See page 4 and 5 for easy websiteand facebookaccess information.
  • How to join the Falcon Lake Ladies Golf League.See page 5.
  • Current fee guide. See page 5.
  • How to sign up for weekly golf.See page 7.
  • 2018 golf dates.See page 8. NOTE THIS YEAR’S CHANGE.
  • Secretary’s Update. See page 8.
  • Sports Captain Update. See page 9.
  • Luncheons and locations.See page 10 (Social Committee).
  • Special events. See page 11-16
  • Treasurer’s update. See page 16

Until we meet – remember this hot little tip,“keep your head down!!”

Your Newsletter Editor,

Janet Potter


Message from the President – Susan Stanley

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a good winter, but it is now time to start thinking about summer golf. Yay!!

Thank you to Hildy Dyck for generously hosting our summer wrap up meeting at her West Hawk Lake cottage.  And thank you to the awesome social committee – Hildy Dyck and Brenda Burch – for a wonderful closing luncheon and for the many great meals they have prepared over the past few years. Darlene Patterson and Margaret Pilchar will be taking over the social committee for 2018.

Golf Course Update:

As you probably know by now, Lakeland Golf Group has taken over the ownership of the sports facilities at Falcon Lake.  This includes the tennis, mini golf, lawn bowling and the golf course. Congratulations to Jeff Heiland who has been appointed Head Professional at Falcon Lake Golf Course.

As of April 26th, Evelyn reports the club house is all under tarps with work going on inside and out. The last that she heard, everything is on time and going well.  The expected opening is in early July.  Until then, the club will use a trailer for the pro shop.  If the building is not ready once the Ladies League is underway, we may have to find an alternative site for our post game storytelling and refreshments.

Check out the following website:  https://www.lakelandgolfmanagement.com/our-golf-courses/falcon-lake-golf-course. Notice the new multi-game passes!

Falcon Lake Ladies Spring Charity Golf Tournament (Ladies Classic)

The first big event up for the summer is the annual Ladies Charity Tournament on June 2nd.  We are hoping for a big turnout and I encourage everyone to invite friends and family to this worthwhile and fun event.  What a great way to kick off the summer!

You have probably heard that our new clubhouse will not be ready in time for this tournament, so we will be holding the dinner at the Whiteshell Community Club.  This has added a couple of logistical problems and we may be looking for some volunteers to help on the day of the tournament.  I will keep you posted.

A number of you have generously donated items for our silent auction, which will be our main source of fundraising for this year.  If at all possible, please drop off silent auction donations at Evelyn’s house by May 28th.  More details on page 11-15. If for some reason, you are not able to meet this date can you let me know and I will make other arrangements to get it from you.  Evelyn’s address is:  37 Fairway Crescent in Falcon Lake town site.

Advertisements for the Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Leaguehave been placed (free of charge) in The Whiteshell Echo.Unfortunately, the Lake of the Woods Area Newswill not be able to run our ad this year. According to Diane Schwartz Williams, they’re getting so many requests that they’re having to limit advertising space to individual interests (as originally intended). At this point we don’t have a budget to put in an ad at cost.

Our Deepest Sympathies

On behalf of the Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Association I would like to pass on our deepest sympathies to the Lakeland Golf and Falcon Lake Golf Course Director Al Scott whose wife recently passed away. Our thoughts go out to Al and his family.

Keep a watchful eye out for more information about the Falcon Ladies League over the coming weeks. See the website. Details on page 4 -5 on how to do that.

I look forward to seeing everyone on June 2nd at the Ladies Charity Tournament, or at our weekly golf rounds starting June5th.

Best regards,

Susan Stanley



Message from the Vice President – Colleen Barnes-West

Hello everyone,

Hope you all have had a terrific winter somewhere warm and hopefully with some golfing and good times enjoying your favorite beverage at the 19thhole.

For your information, two new responsibilities have been added to the vice president’s mandate:

  • The vice president will now send cards and messages on behalf of the ladies’ league. If anyone knows of any messages that I can forward on, please let me know. Try to include as much contact information as possible e.g. name, phone, address and email.
  • As discussed at our August meeting, the vice-president will put together a “new members” email welcoming them to our group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again and another great summer of golf especially with our new clubhouse this year. Below is a picture taken March 7, 2018 of the new clubhouse.

Happy swinging!

Vice President

Colleen Barnes-West


Ladies Golf Website:

  • Keep informed about weekly updates, changes and revisions.
  • Check out the website out at https://falconladiesleague.com.The member’s password is falconladies2017.
  • A big Thank You!! goes to Darlene Mulligan for maintaining our new website and facebook page.


How to get onto the Facebook Blog:

  • They will send an email back to you to confirm; confirm; you will then get the updates.


How to join the Falcon Lake Ladies’ Golf League

  • Contact:Evelyn Proceviat

o  Email:proceviat@lakelandgolfmanagement.com

o  Address:Box 97; Falcon Lake, Manitoba; ROE ONO

o  Phone:204-349-2554

o  See Fee Guide below.


2018 Fee Guide

All players are required to have a Golf Canada membership in order to have an official handicap. This handicap “evens the playing field” for all players during weekly tournaments ….. allowing less experienced players to have the same competitive advantage as expert golfers.

  • The cost of a Golf Canada membership is $28.50/person and is reflected in the fee schedule below.
  • New Golf Canada members must see Evelyn in the Pro Shop. She will register you into the Golf Canadasystem and issue a usernameand password(to access the online scoring system and receive an Index for handicap purposes).
  • Golf Canada memberships are paid annually.


$30.00 for those who:

  • Pay PRIOR to or on the first Saturday in June (June 2rdthis year; also the classic tournament day).
  • These payers simply require the league membership, nota Golf Canada membership; they paid their Golf Canada membership at another golf course.

$35.00 for those who:

  • Pay AFTER the first Saturday in June (June 2rdthis year).
  • These payers simply require the league membership, nota Golf Canada membership; they paid their Golf Canada membership at another golf course.

$60.00 for those who:

  • Pay PRIOR to or on the first Saturday in June (June 2rdthis year; also the classic tournament day).
  • Require the league membershipas well as aGolf Canada membership.

$65.00 for those who:

  • Pay AFTER first Saturday in June.
  • Require the league membershipas well as aGolf Canada membership.


Payment Options:

Make cheques payable to Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Associationor FLLGA.

·     Pay Christine at the classic on Saturday, June 2rd(cash or cheque).


·     Mail cheque to Christine Ross; 1515-1 Lombard place, Wpg, Mb. R3B 0X3.


·     Leave cash or cheque with Evelyn in the pro shop.


·     Deliver cash or cheque to Christine at her cottage (Falcon Lake, Block 13, lot 5).


How to sign-up for weekly golf

  • All tee time requests must be placed on the website by each Sunday 12:00 noon.  If you are signing up late, text or email the sports captain at:
Dawna Wallace 349-8444 896-3681 dawnawallace@shaw.ca Falcon Lake: Blk. 6 Lot 22
Tracy Evans   204 795-6250 ladybugtracy@me.com Falcon Lake, South Shore Rd; Blk 15 Lot 2


  • Confirmed tee times will be posted on the website by Monday 4:00 pm.
  • Call the clubhouse to cancel.
  • If you have trouble signing up, contact the Sports Captain (Dawna or Tracy; see addresses above).
  • The public will not be allowed to sign up using our website.  They can sign up after the groups have been posted on Monday if spots are available.


Golf dates:

Our sports captain has booked the following tee times ……..


  • NEW!!!! June 5thisthe first league game starting at 9:00 AM. Lunch at the Nest.
  • Click on https://falconladiesleague.com;click on TEE TIMES; click onSign-up Sheets.
  • June games are regular stroke play and will count towards team prizes.
  • There is a possibilitythat the greens will be aerated on a Tuesday this spring. In this event, golf tee times will be at 12:06 and 12:14 for that day only.


  • Summer tee times begin Tuesday, July 3th, 2018 and continue each following Tuesday in July and August. Opening lunch and meeting social to follow the July3rd golf game.
  • Summer t-times start shortly after 8:00 AM.


Fall dates:

  • Tee times will be on Tuesdays at 9:00 AM.
  • Sign up at the pro-shop.


Secretary Report – Janet Potter

  • The most recent email and phone list was completed in March, Itis attached to this newsletter.
  • Please do the following:
    • Review updated list; email revisions to Janet Potter (potter@shaw.ca) A.S.A.P.
    • Delete all prior phone lists; save the March/2018 list.
    • Let Janet know if you notice someone’s name has not been included.
  • The next updated list will come in July after the fee payment deadline.
  • Meeting minutes:
  • In an effort to save paper, please bring a copy of the minutes to the luncheon meetings.
  • Secretary to copy and post minutes on bulletin board in the ladies’ locker room at the golf course for the benefit of those without computers at the lake.


Sports Captain Report – Dawna Wallace, Tracy Evans

Sports Captains will reserve 6 tee times starting June 5, continuing through every Tuesday to Aug 28 closing luncheon date.

All league play scorecards are to be handed in to the pro shop which will then be collected by the sports captain.

Pace of play:

  • Please try to keep up with group ahead of you and play ready golf.

Clinics with Jeff:

  • If there is enough interest in golf clinics or groups lessons our Sports Captains will arrange with Jeff Heiland. Lessons to take place after league play on Tuesdays.

Ringer board, Chip-ins and Birdie Sheets:

  • Ladies league members are encouraged to participate in the Ringer Board, chip ins and birdie sheets. Please record birdies and chip ins on your scorecard and hand scorecards in to the Pro Shop to be collected by the Sports Captain.
  • Sports Captains will create a Ringer Board and keep track of each members Tuesday games to track their improvement throughout the year.


  • Please keep your handicap up-to-date on line so that we can have accurate information for Club Championship and prizes.


2017 Award Winners Weekly Prizes

Pink ball:        Janet Potter, Christine Gannon; Colleen Barnes West; Tracy Evans.

Par Three’s:   Lisa Calsbeck

One Putts:      Front:  Brenda Burch; Linda Stewart

Back: Ruth Dyker; Jackie McIvor

T’s and F’s:     Evelyn Proceviat, Linda Stewart and Jackie McIvor.

Hidden Holes:            Brenda Cleverley; Margaret Pilchar

Liz Kunyckyi; Darlene Mulligan

Closest to the Pin:

Brenda Cleverly; Lisa Calsbeck, Hildy Dyck; Doris Ross, Christine Ross, Evelyn Proceviat

Least Total Putts:

Front: Hildy Dyck and Evelyn Proceviat.

Back: Susan Stanley; Christine Ross

Longest Drive:    Brenda Ford


August 29th Fun Day Prizes

Longest Putt: Colleen Barnes-West

Closest to the Hole (off green): Evelyn Proceviat

Longest Drive for ages under 65:Lisa Calsbeck

Closest to the Pin: Susan Stanley

Long Drive for Over 65: Doris Ross

Closest to the Pin: Lisa Calsbeck

Closest to the Hole (from off green): Brenda Cleverley

Longest Putt Sunk: Christine Ross

Longest drive with Oven Mitts: Brenda Ford


Club Championship           

Flight A Winner (0-18 handicap): Brenda Cleverley (81 gross)

Flight A Low Net:  Hildy Dyck (71 Net)


Flight B Winner (19 – 30 handicap): Margaret Pilchar (95 gross)

Flight B Low Net: Christine Ross (80 Net)


Flight C Winner (30+ handicap): Evelyn Proceviat (102 Gross)

Flight C Low Net: Darlene Mulligan (79 Net)


Ringer Board

Ruth Dyker


Most Improved Handicap

Christine Ross



Who had the most birdies? Hildy Dyck (presented with June Birdsell’s birdie picture). Sandy also got one birdie.


Social Committee – Darlene Patterson and Margaret Pilchar

  • Hildy Dyck passed $75.00 of social committee money to Darlene Patterson for start-up July, 2018.
  • 2018 golf luncheons (mark your calendars now):

o  July 3rd, 2018 at Darlene Patterson’s cottage

o  August 28th, 2018: possibly at the new golf course (if it is ready); Darlene Patterson’s cottage if it is not ready.


Special Events:

June 2nd Tournament Report – by Evelyn Proceviat:

  • How to Register:

o   Call Evelyn at 204-340-2554 to book

o   Or email proceviat@lakelandgolfmanagement.com

o    Or send entries to Evelyn Proceviat: Box 97; Falcon Lake, Manitoba; R0E 0N0

o   Include team or individual names, phone numbers, payment and handicap index.


  • A dinner to follow golf:

o  We are currently planning to have a steak dinner (put on by the restaurant staff).

o   This will be held at the Whiteshell Community Club at around 6-ish.

o  Dinner guest are welcome at a cost of $25.00.


  • Volunteers Required

o  Evelyn may need assistance with registration table and other volunteering.

o  More information will be available as we get into the season.


  • Prize donations:
  • Past experience demonstrates that silent auctions are excellent fund raisers (or as Evelyn calls it, the “Bidding Auction”).
  • The tournament needs more corporate sponsorship.
    • They are asking all members of the ladies’ league to solicit corporate sponsorship.
  • Prize donations are greatly appreciated.
    • They are asking all members of the ladies’ league to solicit an item that would be suitable for a silent auction.

o  If you’d like to donate something, please coordinate with Evelyn. Donations can be dropped off at either Evelyn’s house (37 Fairway Crescent) or at the golf course.

o  Some prize donation ideas are wine baskets, spa baskets, kitchen utensil basket, etc.

o  If you are not comfortable soliciting items from other people, maybe 2 or 3 ladies could get together to donate an item?

o  When dropping off your donation, please indicate if you wish to have your item(s) go for putting prizes, hole prizes, silent auction or tournament prizes.

o  Thank you to those who have already made donations.

o  Susan Stanley is also willing to field questions or concerns.


  • Other details:

o  We are registered with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation raising funds for Colon Cancer.

  • Please see the following below:
    • The tournament poster (with on-line donation information).
    • The paper pledge form.
    • The cover letter requesting donations along with the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation letter.
    • We encourage everyone to print these off and distribute or use the letters when soliciting donations.
  • Thank you to Jackie McIvor for her personal message on the poster.
  • Thank you to Darlene Mulligan for her patience with all the changes that she had to make and of course a big thank you for the awesome job she did on the poster.
  • Also, with the celebration of 25 years of this tournament’s existence, Evelyn thought it would be fun to dig up the history of this tournament, along with some of the beginning members and donator’s. If anyone has anything they would like to add, please let Evelyn know (or Doris Ross). They have the tournament binders to research as well.
  • The question was put out at the August, 2017 meeting re: Are there other charities that the classic could sponsor? E.g. kids in the community; woman’s health; Falcon Lake Medical Center (which is not funded by the government); Canada Day fireworks. Susan Stanley, Evelyn Proceviat and Jackie McIvor formed a committee to review and make a decision by October/2017.

o  Evelyn, Jackie and Susan Stanley met fall in the fall of 2017 to discuss the 2018 Spring Charity Golf Tournament. It was decided that Colorectal Cancer Researchbe the charity for the June 2nd, 2018 golf tournament.

o  The team will meet every fall to decide what charity to support for the coming year. Suggestions are most welcome.  Please send suggestions to Evelyn.




Falcon Lake Club Championships:

  • Falcon Lake Club Championship
    Aug 14/2018…alternate rain date is Aug 21/2018

Falcon Lake Ladies Sewer Lid

  • To be announced.

Girls’ Golf Get-away:

  • Golfing at Morden, Winkler and a 9-hole course TBD.
  • Call Evelyn if you are interested in entering this Girls’ golf get-away (204-349-2554)
  • See proceviat@lakelandgolfmanagement.com
  • Only 3 spots available.


Steinbach Seniors Men’s and Women’s Open

  • To be announced.


The Pinawa Chickadee Classic:

  • To be announced.


Southwood Daisy: 

  • To be announced.



Treasurer’s Report – Christine Ross

2017 Members and Monetary Expenditures:

  • We had 31 members in 2017.
  • April/2018: $227.52 is in the bank.
    • $200.00 is reserved for:
      • a $50 donation to the Classic
      • $50/year for the website.
      • $100 buffer for memorials and social shortfalls.



See everyone at the golf course!!! It won’t be long now!!

Susan Stanley; Colleen Barnes-West; Donna Wallace; Darlene Patterson; Margaret Pilchar; Christine Ross; Janet Potter; Evelyn Proceviat; Darlene Mulligan.




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