Falcon Lake Ladies Golf Association Meeting Minutes August 29th, 2017


Minutes from the last meeting were approved by Brenda Cleverley

Second by Janet Potter


Message from the President – Brenda Cleverley

The meeting took place at Hildy Dyck’s cottage on Falcon Lake.  Thanks, Hildy, for once again offering your cottage to hold our meeting. A perfect setting for a final summer gathering!!

A big thank you to the social committee (Brenda Burch and Hildy Dyck) who went out of their way to prepare a fabulous lunch. Your culinary efforts at the luncheons are greatly appreciated.  It is always great fun to eat and chat away an afternoon with such great people.

Regrets from Colleen Horbay and Nellie Chorney: Nellie had a fall and broken her fingers.

Brenda to send a card to the management and staff of the Falcon Lake Golf Course thanking them for the support they gave us this year.


Message from the Vice President – Susan Stanley

No report.

It was suggested that in the future, the vice president take on the responsibility of sending cards.


Secretary Report – Janet Potter

  • The most recent email and phone list was completed on August, 2017 and is attached to this newsletter.
    • Please review and email revisions to Janet Potter (potter@shaw.ca).
    • We still need the email address for Cindy Reid. If you have it, please forward to Janet Potter at potter@shaw.ca.
  • Just a reminder to delete all old  mailing lists and save the new one to your computer. Refer to the most recent copy.
  • Updated addresses and meeting minutes will be emailed to members soon after each meeting.


Sport’s Captain Report – Tracy Evan

  • Six tee times are reserved each week for our league. Summer t-times will start shortly after 8:00 AM.
  • Players are encouraged to sign up ahead of time if you can.
  • The public will not be allowed to sign up using our website.  They can sign up after the groups have been posted on Sunday if spots are available.

The public will not be allowed to sign up using our website.  They can sign up after the groups have been posted on Sunday if spots are available.


How to sign up for golf:

  • Go to https://falconladiesleague.com (the member’s password is falconladies2017). Bookmark this to your computer.
  • Go to Tee Times.
  • Then Sign-up Sheets
  • Insert your name., etc.


  • All tee time requests must be on the website by Sunday, 12:00 noon. If you are signing up late, text or email Sports Captain.


  • Tee times will be posted on the website by Monday 4:00 PM.


  • Call clubhouse to cancel.


  • If you have trouble signing up, text or email Sports Captain.



Clinics with Jeff:


  • Let Sports Captain know if you are interested in group lessons on Tuesdays after golf.
  • More details to come once she talks with Jeff.



Other details:

  • The sports captains will continue to arrange to have a variety of mini tournaments each week.


All teams are required to put their scorecard in the green box after each game (located on the information board in the ladies’ locker room). Be sure to include the name of each person in the group on the card as well as the date.

  • Don’t forget to add your birdies and chip shots to the Chip/Birdie sheet in the clubhouse (include putts off the green). You never know – a prize could be waiting for you at the August luncheon!!!!
  • If you keep your handicap up-to-date on-line, we will have accurate data for tournaments. We appreciate your cooperation.


  • In an effort to keep the pace of play, new members will be paired with good players when possible.


Ringer board: A Ringer board has been posted in the ladies’ locker room. See directions below:

  • Enter your scores from your first game of the season played at Falcon Lake (in pencil).
  • Each time you improve your score on any one of the 18 holes, erase that number and enter your new lower score.
  • The purpose is to track improvement over the course of the season. There will be a prize for the most improved player. Please check it out. You could be the lucky winner!!


2017 Award Winners

Weekly Prizes

Pink ball:               Janet Potter, Christine Gannon; Colleen Barnes West; Tracy Evans.

Par Three’s:          Lisa Calsbeck

One Putts:             Front:  Brenda Burch; Linda Stewart

Back: Ruth Dyker; Jackie McIvor

T’s and F’s:            Evelyn Proceviat, Linda Stewart and Jackie McIvor.

Hidden Holes:     Brenda Cleverley; Margaret Pilchar

Liz Kunyckyi; Darlene Mulligan

Closest to the Pin:

Brenda Cleverly; Lisa Calsbeck, Hildy Dyck; Doris Ross, Christine Ross,

Evelyn Proceviat

Least Total Putts:

Front: Hildy Dyck and Evelyn Proceviat.

Back: Susan Stanley; Christine Ross

Longest Drive:    Brenda Ford


August 29th Fun Day Prizes

Longest Putt: Colleen Barnes-West

Closest to the Hole (off green): Evelyn Proceviat

Longest Drive for ages under 65: ________________

Closest to the Pin: Susan Stanley

Long Drive for Over 65: Doris Ross

Closest to the Pin: Lisa Calsbeck

Closest to the Hole (from off green): Brenda Cleverley

Longest Putt Sunk: Christine Ross


Club Championship         

Flight A Winner (0-18 handicap): Brenda Cleverley (81 gross)

Flight A Low Net:  Hildy Dyck (71 Net)


Flight B Winner (19 – 30 handicap): Margaret Pilchar (95 gross)

Flight B Low Net: Christine Ross (80 Net)


Flight C Winner (30+ handicap): Evelyn Proceviat (102 Gross)

Flight C Low Net: Darlene Mulligan (79 Net)


Ringer Board

Ruth Dyker


Most Improved Handicap

Christine Ross


Birdie  (who had the most birdies?)

Hildy Dyck (presented with June Birdsell’s birdie picture).

Sandy also got one birdie.



Linda Evans; Hildy Dyck; Evelyn Proceviat; Margaret Pilchar



Remember: Pace of Play

Good pace of play equates to a higher degree of golf enjoyment for everyone. How??

  • Play ready golf at the tee: Be ready to step up to the tee immediately after the last player has hit their ball.
  • Play ready golf off the tee: Be ready to step up to your ball as soon after the last player has hit their ball as possible.
  • Think about what club you might use as you are walking up to your ball.
  • Do one practice swing before hitting your ball. All other practice swings should be done elsewhere.
  • As a general rule of thumb, a typical game should take approximately 4 hours or faster.
  • Encourage each member of your group to keep up with the group ahead.



Treasurer’s Report – Christine Ross

  • We had 21 members in 2016. We had 31 members in 2017.
  • August/2017: $945.00 in the bank.
    • $200.00 is set aside for:
      • $50 donation to the Classic
      • $50/year for the website.
      • $100 buffer for memorials and social shortfalls.
      • The rest was spent on prizes.
    • It was suggested to have a “new members” package available to new members as they join outlining ladies’ league details e.g. bringing guests (as long as there is enough room, one can bring a guest; can only bring the same person once).
    • It was suggested to have a buddy system for new members.




Social Committee Report – Hildy Dyck; Brenda Burch


  • Hildy Dyck passed $75.00 of social committee money to Darlene Patterson for start-up July, 2018.
  • 2018 golf luncheons (mark your calendars):
    • July: at Darlene Patterson’s cottage
    • August: possibly at the new golf course (if it is ready); Darlene Patterson’s cottage if it is not ready.


Ladies Classic/Golf for the Cure:

  • Is RCGA sanctioned.
  • Is put on by the pro-shop.
  • Has always been on the 1st weekend in June.
  • Darlene Mulligan is preparing a poster to advertise the classic.
  • The question was put out re: Is there any other charity that the classic could sponsor? E.g. kids in the community; woman’s health; Falcon Lake Medical Center (which is not funded by the government); Canada Day fireworks. Please send other suggestions to Evelyn. Susan Stanley, Evelyn Proceviat and Jackie McIvor will review and make a decision by October/2017.
  • Needs more corporate sponsorship.
  • It was suggested to have an 11:00 shot gun start with a luncheon afterwards.


Falcon Lake Ladies Sewer Lid

The 41th Annual Sewer Lid golf tournament is Thursday September 14th.


  • This tournament has been running for 41 years.
  • The men ran a tournament called the Septic Tank Tournament which has now become defunked.
  • The local ladies decided to have a tournament and call it the Sewer Lid.


New Business:

  • New 2018-19 Executive:                

             President: Susan Stanley

              Vice President: Colleen Barnes-West

              Sports Captains: Dawna Wallace

              Social Committee: Darlene Patterson Margaret Pilchar

             Treasurer: Christine Ross

             Secretary: Janet Potter

             Course Affiliate: Evelyn Proceviat

             Website Manager: Darlene Mulligan

    • Brenda Cleverley made the motion to pass the new executive roster. Brenda Burch second.
  • It was suggested to have a Website Manager on the executive roster (to maintain the website). It was suggested that eventually the vice-president will take over the task, but, for now, Darlene Mulligan has agreed to maintain the website.
  • Eventually, Secretary and Sports Captain will be posting on the website. Darlene will support the learning process.
  • Newsletters and meeting minutes will be emailed out to members for the time being. They will also be placed on the website. Eventually (in possibly 1-2 years), the emailed version will be phased out.
  • There is a calendar on the website with up-coming events e.g. tournaments, Jeff’s clinics, etc.
  • Janet Potter sent a sympathy card to the family of June Birdsell.


Getting onto the Facebook Blog:

  • Click on this address – https://www.facebook.com/falconlakemanitoba/
  • OR go to:
    • https://falconladiesleague.com (the member’s password is falconladies2017).
    • Scroll down to Follow Blog via Email (right hand side; just right of the green Membership Fees).
    • Enter your email address (may not need to do this step everytime).
    • Click on Follow; They will send an email back to you to confirm; press Confirm; you will then get updates.


Meeting adjourned by Brenda Cleverley. Seconded by Janet Potter


August/2017         Written by Janet Potter

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